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Graphic Display of Learning Objectives


Seeking ideas for a class presentation, I came across an article on the graphic display of learning outcomes/objectives by Billie Hara in The Chronicle of Higher Education. In the field of Early Care and Education, where I practice, all training has to be approved by cognitive level through a rigorous training approval system. I typically submit an instructional plan with learning objectives keyed to specific activities to make it easy for those who approve the training to see that the objectives match the activities according to Bloom’s Taxonomy. However, when presenting those learning objectives on a PowerPoint slide during a training session, they always seem a little bland and boring. I like the idea of being able to visually enhance the objectives so that the learners can see that when they are involved in a certain activity, it is tied into a particular learning objective. These graphic displays may be just thing to do that. It is important to me that learners know how they learn best and I often encourage them to reflect not only about what they learned during an activity, but also how they learned it, relating back to the learning objective.

As for me and my learning, this is a great example of informal or incidental learning. I just picked up this information along the way and it’s now fueling some exciting ideas about how I can change my course development practices.

Check out Marsick and Watkins, Informal and Incidental Learning in the Workplace, )

Here is a link to the Chronicle article: