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Administrator Courses Offered

40 Hour Director Training (B)

An Overview of DECAL Rules and Regulations for Child Care Administrators (B)

Bridging the Generational Divide: Four Generations in the Workforce (I)

Keeping it Safe: Food Service Safety and Sanitation in Child Care (B)

Key Marketing Strategies (B)

Let’s Play All Together Module 1: Foundations, Policy and Identification (Inclusion) (I)

Let’s Play All Together Module 2 – Understanding and Facilitating Communication and Interaction (Inclusion) (I)

Let’s Play All Together Module 3 – Young Children’s Play: A Context for Learning and Development in Inclusive Settings (I)

Let’s Play All Together Module 4 – Partnering with Families and Providers (Inclusion) (I)

Phases and Stages: Building a Stronger Team (I)

Strengthening Families GA: An Effective Approach to Supporting Families and Communities (B)

Strengthening Families Through Concrete Support in Times of Need (B)

Strengthening Families Through Knowledge of Child Development (B)

Strengthening Families Through Parental Resilience (B)

Strengthening Families Through Social Connections (B)

Strengthening Families Through the Promotion of Social and Emotional Competence in Children (B)



B – Beginning Level

I – Intermediate Level

A – Advanced Level

To schedule or register for a course:

Contact or call 678-614-1920

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