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An On-Line Experience

I had an experience yesterday that highlighted for me the importance of competent instructional design. It was an online training class about using a new application the company I work for is adopting for recruiting personnel. For 60 minutes, 9 participants watched on their computers is various parts of the SE as a young lady named Ashley located Michigan, pointed and clicked boxes on the screen telling us what they were for. There was no practice involved, we simply watched and listened and are now supposed to be able to teach others about the application. Eventually, I booted my laptop so I could search the web for more important things, while Ashley pointed and clicked on my desktop. At the end of the session, Ashley asked if there were any questions and there was only silence. She said, “Well, no questions, you are all good to go.” Afterwards, I thought, “What a waste of time and money! I’m not even going to use this system for another month or so, how can anyone expect me to remember which of the hundreds, maybe thousands of boxes she clicked on a month from now when I’ve never even clicked on a single box to see what it will do now?” It was a prime example of, “Because I said it, you know it!” and drove home for me the importance of engagement in on-line learning. We owe it to our learners to provide thoughtfully designed courses that will engage them in the learning and not make them simply observers of our antics and assume that because I taught it, they know it.

About Dr. Terrie Buckner

A native of Ohio, Terrie moved to Georgia in the mid-1970's. She studied Business Management at Shorter University, then earned a Master's degree in Adult Education and Occupational Studies and a doctorate in Adult Education and Human Resources and Organizational Development from The University of Georgia. Terrie's doctoral research, entitled "Engaging Moments: Adult Educators Reading and Responding to Emotion in the Classroom," was featured at the Harvard Graduate School of Education's Student Research Conference in 2007. Terrie's practice has focused on workforce development in the fields of Early Care and Education and Social Services as well as the Training of Trainers and Educators who work in those fields, Instructional Design and Technology, and Human Performance Improvement. Terrie is a popular conference presenter and trainer in both fields, an approved Level III trainer, CDA, and Administration trainer in Georgia, a Certified Trainer in S.Carolina, and Certified Brain Compatible Learning trainer. She co-authored two certification programs currently in use nationwide and has authored numerous e-learning courses offered by private providers.

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