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Do You Know Your ECE Training Level?

Professionals working in the field of Early Care and Education in Georgia can find state approved training and professional development opportunities designed and developed to fit their individual career level. Training competencies have been developed to describe abilities at three levels of competence: Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced. These competencies guide program development, inform the approval process, and provide Early Care and Education professionals with the ability to select training geared toward their individual level of career development.

  •  Beginning Level Training includes the courses mandated for the first year in the field, such as recognition and reporting of abuse and neglect, health and safety and basic information such as child development, rules and regulations, supervision, and positive discipline. This is not an exclusive list and although these courses are designed to meet the needs of beginning professionals, they are often good refreshers for more experienced workers and provide new or updated information.
  • Intermediate Level Training has been developed and approved for professionals who have several years of experience and training in the field, field related credentials and/or formal education. This training typically focuses on expanding knowledge and its application and refining skills.
  • Advanced Level Training is most appropriate for professionals who have formal education in the early care and education field and numerous years of experience. This level of training is appropriate for those serving in leadership, management, or mentor roles as lead teachers, center administrators, program coordinators, etc. The focus of advanced level training is typically on knowledge, skills and abilities in leading and managing best practices in the field.

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About Dr. Terrie Buckner

A native of Ohio, Terrie moved to Georgia in the mid-1970's. She studied Business Management at Shorter University, then earned a Master's degree in Adult Education and Occupational Studies and a doctorate in Adult Education and Human Resources and Organizational Development from The University of Georgia. Terrie's doctoral research, entitled "Engaging Moments: Adult Educators Reading and Responding to Emotion in the Classroom," was featured at the Harvard Graduate School of Education's Student Research Conference in 2007. Terrie's practice has focused on workforce development in the fields of Early Care and Education and Social Services as well as the Training of Trainers and Educators who work in those fields, Instructional Design and Technology, and Human Performance Improvement. Terrie is a popular conference presenter and trainer in both fields, an approved Level III trainer, CDA, and Administration trainer in Georgia, a Certified Trainer in S.Carolina, and Certified Brain Compatible Learning trainer. She co-authored two certification programs currently in use nationwide and has authored numerous e-learning courses offered by private providers.

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